About Nightmare

Nightmare on First Street; Field of Screams & Haunted Barn is a non-profit entertainment fundraiser run by the Little family in Fountain, MN. We love this opportunity to share our passion for Halloween with others and to raise money for deserving causes. Proceeds from Nightmare have gone to numerous causes and organizations over the years, including the Fillmore County Food Shelf, the Chatfield High School Service Club, the Fountain 150th Anniversary fund, and the family of the late Jennifer Lee.

This year’s donations will be going to support Good Earth Village, a non-profit leadership center, summer camp, and retreat facility nestled in the bluffs near Spring Valley, MN.

In its ninth year, each year Nightmare has grown and is different from past years. Routes are changed, walls are moved, and details abound. The Field of Screams continues to grow, and the Haunted Barn keeps creepy company with an old shed. Hundreds of hours every year go into the metamorphosis of this scary delight. Attendees can expect creepy scenes, hand-carved pumpkins, a labyrinth, screams and moans, surprises and scares, live actors, and maybe even an apparition of DEATH.  Depending on how quickly you negotiate your way and manage to escape, expect Nightmare to be an approximately twenty to thirty minute spooky entertainment experience.

Previous themes have included Gremlins, a Cursed Carnival, Edgar Allen Poe, Twisted Fairy Tales, Alfred Hitchcock, Villains, and the Wild and Haunted West, so you may unearth snippets of past years’ themes. Our theme this year is Haunted Holidays, so you may encounter rabid groundhogs, blood-dripping hearts, evil leprechauns, vicious man-eating rabbits, zombie Uncle Sam, witchy pilgrims, Santa’s ghost, and so much more!!


See you at Nightmare!